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Most investors have some level of competency with financing and working with lenders but we will uncover the blind spots that are slowing you down.

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The GSM team will bring you further faster to exceed your goals

I left Wall Street in 2016 after 23 years and over $150 billion of capital raised for public companies across all sectors of the economy to help Real Estate investors of all experience levels on Main Street USA build their financial freedom and a legacy for their families.  

We have helped hundreds of investors just like you accelerate their growth by maximizing equity and cashflow.  While some clients come to us with the intent to simply finance the project at hand, the vast majority stay because they realize how much time, energy and money they have been wasting trying to handle the financing function on their own.

It’s our mission to change people’s lives and to accelerate their attainment of freedom of money, time, relationships and purpose.

And we will do the same for you!

Company Founder - Gary Mascitis Jr - with Gobundance Hat

Client Testimonials

Gary has stepped in as our de facto CFO, direct lender when appropriate and relationship manager when a project needs to be brokered out to a bank  or Government Agency. I hand it off to Gary and he takes it from there which enables me to focus on my core competency – finding and executing value add projects including repositioning, rehab and construction.

Successful Real Estate investor

Joe Colasuonno

Full Time Real Estate Developer ~500 Units

I’ve been working with Gary since 2017 and he has helped me transform my real estate business which has grown 4x.  Before meeting him I had no lender relationships and struggled to grow, used cash, creative financing and an occasional hard money loan.  He is not just my lender and mortgage broker he is a trusted advisor, confidant and a true friend to me and my family.

Real Estate investor

Joel Pena

Full Time Real Estate Investor ~100 Units

We had the good fortune to be introduced to Gary in 2020 and it has changed our trajectory in real estate investing.  Gary is a true financing partner and will quickly provide us with  investment guidance and the most appropriate  financing solution with our best interests at heart.  There is never a question if we are going to close.  Gary is a trusted advisor and friend.

Real Estate Investors - African American

Julius and Frank

Part Time Real Estate Investors ~ 100 Units

Long Term "Permanent" Mortgages

4 unit multifamily apartment building

1-4 Family 30 year (DSCR) Rentals

No experience required, No Tax Returns, Close in 2-3 weeks, 30 year Amortization and Rate Lock

75 Unit Multifamily financed by Government Agency Mortgage

5+ Unit Multifamily / Mixed Use

Various loan options including “DSCR Loans”, Government Agency, CMBS, No Tax Returns

24 Unit Multifamily building

Portfolio Financing 1-4's, 5+ Unit

Portfolio Financing review and finance options customized to your  experience and goals

Bridge / Fix & Flip / Fix & Hold BRRRR

Fix and Flip Rehab

1-4 Family Bridge / Fix & Flip

Up to 90% of Purchase + 100% of Rehab with rates starting at 9.5%.  Loan Amounts $100k-$2mm

Multifamily Fix and Flip

5+ Unit Bridge / Fix & Flip

Up to 80% of Purchase + 100% of Rehab with rates starting at 10%.  Loan Amounts $250k+

Fix and Flip Bridge into Government Agency Financing

5+ Unit Bridge for Agency Takeout

For experienced rehabbers of Multifamily where investor and property are “Agency eligible” 

New Construction

New Construction Single Family Home

1-4 Family New Construction

Up to 90% of Purchase + 100% of Rehab with rates starting in 10’s.  Loan Amounts $200k-$2mm

Multifamily New Construction

5+ Unit New Construction

Up to 80% of Purchase + 100% of Rehab with rates starting in 11’s.  Loan Amounts $500k+

Happy Clients with blueprint for construction or rehab


Step 1: Discover and Define

Kickstart your journey with a consultation. We listen to your needs and see what pieces are on the chess board so we can outline a tailored strategy to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Strategize and Develop

Transforming ideas into action, we craft bespoke solutions. Our team works closely with you to ensure every detail aligns with your vision.  You are often making once in a lifetime decisions.  While no 2 people have the same situation, we see patterns and similar scenarios hundreds of times.

Step 3: Implement Steps and achieve results

Watch your project come to life and start yielding results. We kick the plan into motion and set the course to get you to the closing table whether we are acting as a direct lender or are brokering to another commercial lender.  You are in good hands.  Sit back and enjoy the flight!

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