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Wall Street to Main Street

GSM brings the best of Wall Street to Main Street Real Estate Investors

GSM was formed to change lives.  After 23 years on Wall Street our founder entered the Real Estate Commercial lending world in 2016 and quickly noticed that both the industry and real estate investors themselves had blind spots that could be avoided or dramatically improved.

The infamous BRRRR investing strategy got investors to a certain level, but it was apparent that “what got you here isn’t going to get you there”.  It got investors onto the path of creating financial freedom, but ultimately it leads investors into hitting a wall in their growth. While portfolios are often built one property at a time, the thought process needs to evolve to a portfolio based approach to give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

Lending is a very fragmented industry with most lenders having 1 or 2 silos of loan products but they lack understanding and generally can not offer all of the available financing alternatives based on their limited product line.  Every financing type has tradeoffs and it’s not one size fits all.  When you are a hammer everything looks like a nail.    

At GSM we understand and offer all Commercial Mortgage types on 1-4 family and multifamily properties, whether we are the direct lender or facilitating as a broker.  We have every arrow in our quiver and are able to draw the right one to enable you to most efficiently and effectively hit your target.

We build relationships, provide the best solutions, and change our clients lives.  We will do the same for you!

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Gary Mascitis

President and Founder

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Tommy Galante

Mortgage Originator

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Gary Mascitis III - Mortgage Originator

Gary Mascitis III

Mortgage Originator

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